Yuliverse Call of Ancients Season 4 Goes Live with 1,500 USDT in Prizes

Players will be able to compete for USDT, special titles, and custom card designs by putting their skills to the test.

Aug 3, 2023
by Akira Ming
Yuliverse Call of Ancients Season 4 Goes Live with 1,500 USDT in Prizes

Details of Call of Ancients Season 4

Call of Ancients (COA), a collectible card game by Yuliverse, has officially launched Season 4 with special prizes. The tournament, held in partnership with Web3 marketing firm 852 Web 3, has a total prize pool of 1,500 USDT. 

Players can now enter the game through free characters and access a basic city hunt experience, Yuli Fete, to compete in the new season. The more matches they win, the better their rankings. The top 10 players in Season 4 will be rewarded with the following: 

  • 1st Place: $500 USDT.
  • 2nd Place: $250 USDT.
  • 3rd Place: $150 USDT.
  • 4th to 7th Place: $100 USDT each. 
  • 8th to 10th Place: $50 USDT each. 

Winners will also earn exclusive titles and bragging rights: 

  • Top 100 Players (rank 11 – 100): Receive the title "Season 4's Top Centurion."
  • Top 10 Players (rank 4 – 10): Receive the title "Season 4's Supreme 10."
  • 3rd Place: Receive the title "Season 4's Bronze Conqueror."
  • 2nd Place: Receive the title "Season 4's Silver Overlord."
  • Champion: Receive the title "Season 4's Golden Sovereign."

There are also 2 custom card designs available. The first-prize winner will receive a one-of-a-kind "999" card design personalized with their image. In addition, the gamer with the most matches played will have a card designed after them. 

Note that the rank timing has been updated. It is now available from 3:00 – 8:00 UTC+0 and 10:00 – 17:00 UTC+0. Interested players can always download the game from Google Play or App Store. 

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