Yumon Launches Player-Owned Fantasy World

It is the first of its kind, and the heroes in the gameplay are YouTubers and streamers who hold digital collectibles.

Aug 29, 2022
by Michael
Yumon Launches Player-Owned Fantasy World

Yumon Introduces Fantasy World

Yumon has introduced a first-of-its-kind fantasy world where YouTubers and streamers can turn heroes through verified digital collectibles.

In an interview, Mathias Salanon said Yumon had raised $2 million from creators and angel investors from Twitch, Sandbox, Ubisoft, Webedia, Unity, Epic, and Meta. In addition, the company leverages NFTs to combine digital ownership, mainstream game mechanics, and the creator economy.

A mysterious dark power plagues the Yumon World, but some unknown heroes fight back to save the world. These heroes are based on real-life influencers. Fans can use their belongings to play and earn in tournaments organized in the game.  

Salanon said, 

"We manage to leverage the popularity of big streamers, on maybe less popular streamers. For those who are super productive, the assets can be distributed to them quickly."

Benefits to Fans and Creators

Yumon has chosen 18 creators to begin the Genesis Season. The creators can be 100% aligned with the products they promote on their channel and other products they like.

He said,

"We like this idea of patronage plus, where you can donate, you can touch on your favorite creator in another way, and receive things that you own in the future," 

Fans who do not have much knowledge of Web3 can get access to digital ownership. Those who better understand their creators can use it to win games in the fantasy world. The plan of Salanon in Yumon is to 'democratize' blockchain technology such that it will not be the main focus. Instead, utilities will be added while the technology will be in the background.

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