Zeeverse Unveils Useful Asset Overview

Zeeverse consists of various NFTs, including soulbound ones, alongside the game’s main token, $VEE. Each asset has varied use cases in the monster-taming RPG, with most available on Arbitrum.

Nov 18, 2023
by Dragan
Zeeverse Unveils Useful Asset Overview

The Zeeverse team has published a useful asset overview for their on-chain monster taming RPG, giving new players a foundation from which to jump into the free-to-play fantasy world.


There are a couple of different NFTs players can own in order to gain various benefits. One of them is on Ethereum, the Genesis Masks, while the others are on Arbitrum: items (equipment, cosmetics and Loot Pods) and Zee. In the future, there will also be Land NFTs. The sale for these plots is planned to take place on December 7th. You may have a chance of getting a free mint through the Weaver’s Quest event.

Genesis Masks are ERC-721 tokens forming the core of the game’s ecosystem. The collection is available on OpenSea and Treasure, with holders of these assets getting free or priority mint access to all Zeeverse collections while getting increased $VEE token rewards from doing Dungeons and completing Quests. Some other use cases include exclusive in-game wearables, having higher XP gains in Dungeons, guaranteed $ZEEV governance token allocation, special access to the game’s Discord server, and an influence in the upcoming Mask DAO.

Items are divided into 4 rarities and all of these assets have some effect on gameplay, adjusting your stats for better or worse. Some equipment comes with special abilities, or set bonuses when you have an equipment set. The current primary way of getting gear is through Loot Pods, which are like chests attainable in weekly events. A new system called The Forge recently went live, paving the way for earning items in Dungeons and from defeating bosses. 

Cosmetics include emotes and victory poses that provide no gameplay benefit but are simply used as an amusing way to interact with other players.

Zee are in-game battle companions that you can train in battles in order to improve their stats. They also have Traits you can power-up using $VEE tokens, and these pets can evolve over time into stronger forms. Completing the tutorial rewards you with Zee Eggs. The game consists of 10 different types of Zee. Once the beta version of the game goes live, there will be many more types, as the team has revealed that “over 70 types of Zee and their evolution concepts have been developed.”

Next to these, there are also soulbound NFTs: Soul Shards and Ambassador Tokens – the former gives you access to the game’s economy, while the latter lets you use the game’s referral program.


The main token of the in-game economy is $VEE, which is used for leveling up Zee and powering up their Traits. You can also stake them at the in-game bank, wager them in PvP duels, and soon it’ll also be possible to buy items from NPCs with them.

Players can earn this token by opening Loot Pods, as well as by beating Dungeons and gaining them through Heists.

Further details are available in the official overview post.

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