Brave Frontier Heroes Review


One week after the release of the blockchain browsergame Brave Frontier Heroes, we want to share our insights with you.

What is Brave Frontier Heroes?

Brave Frontier Heroes is a turn based pve & pvp auto battle browsergame with the features of blockchain ownership & trading.
BFH (Brave Frontier Heroes) has been played by 3.000 unique users, archived 20.000 transactions and 3.000 Ethereum (currently 680.000$) transaction volume within the first week after release (source stateofthedapps & dappradar)!


Before you can start to battle, you have to configure your party of heroes (called units). You can choose up to 5 heroes for your party (team). Heroes have 4 different types of elemental effects. Each elemental has an advantage against one of the other elemental as well as a disadvantage against one of them.

You can equip weapons (called spheres) to your units. Each unit in BFH has a different amount of base stats. The higher you level your character, the more your stats go up. Spheres vary in stats by type and rarity.


After you have set up your team, you can move on to the quest tab. Here you can choose between different quest locations. Each location has a different type of possible loot drop (sphere drop).
Next to the type of loot, depending on the difficulty of the quest, different rarities of spheres can drop. The more difficult your quest, the more rare your loot will be. But if you choose a higher difficulty, you also need a higher unit level & equipment rarity to successfully win the quest.


To start a quest in brave frontier heroes, you have to pay energy. Energy loads up every minute. Quests cost between 5 and 60 energy to enter. You lose your energy no matter if you are successful or fail the quest. Free to play users have an energy cap that loads up to 50 energy. If you buy a premium subscription, you have a reload cap of 100 energy.
Next to sphere loot, you receive EXP for winning quests to level up your units.


If your energy is empty and you have to wait for it to reload, you can move on to the arena. In here you will find multiple contests with sphere rewards. You can attack 10 enemies that take part of the arena contest each day. If you climb the contest leaderboard high enough, you will be rewarded with a sphere after the contest ended.


The BFH battle system is automated. You can see a turn based battle video of the fight with all information about dealing and receiving damage of units.


If you receive unwanted spehres, you are able to sell them for the ingame currency ZEL. You can use ZEL to buy EXP for your units or to buy spheres and units on the Brave Frontier Heroes marketplace.


The play to earn aspect in Brave Frontier Heroes comes from the possibility to earn ZEL, buy units & spheres with that and send those to the ethereum blockchain. With that you are able to sell those nft on platforms like opensea.


BFH is basically a free to play blockchain browsergame. But like in most games, you have the option to buy a so called “Prime” subscription, which gives you multiple advantages. Instead of a 50 energy cap, you can save up to 100 energy. Next to that you have 2 daily 100 energy reloads, instead of 1 daily 50 energy reload. You receive increased EXP for quests and you get access to high difficulty quests, VIP pvp events and a 50% discount fee to export your NFT items to the ethereum blockchain.

Last words & personal opinion

We love to see that more games integrate aspects of play2earn. Even though there is no aspect of play to earn crypto in Brave Frontier Heroes, it’s still possible to earn NFT units & spheres through their ingame currency ZEL, that you earn while playing. We can suggest to try Brave Frontier Heroes if you want to get a feeling of play to earn nfts.

You can find more information about Brave Frontier Heroes here:


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