CryptoFights Beta Review


CryptoFights second beta took place from January 27 – January 31, 2020.
We were part of the beta test and want to let you know what to expect from CryptoFights with this review!

Select your Race

cryptofights select race

The first thing you have to do is to select your race. There are 3 options: Dwarves, Humans and Elves. Each race has different ability & weapon favors.

Dwarves are in favor of strength. This boosts their health and gives them the possibility to use heavy weapons.

Elves favorite ability is dexterity. Through that they have more agility, stealth and can wear their favorite weapons bow and dagger.

Humans are an all-rounder race. You can mix it up the way you want. Through the intelligence ability they are able to use spellcasting skills.

Set your Abilities

cryptofights set abilities

After you selected your race, you can increase the base abilities of your character. With each level up, you can increase those abilities. You can choose between stregth, dexterity and intelligence.

Main Menu

cryptofights dashboard

The CryptoFights main menu is easy to understand. You can move yourself through the game by icons or map. We will explain you everything step by step.



In the caravan, you can choose your equipment and change your character skills. Characters have 3 item slots, 2 slot for 2 single hand weapons or one 2 hand weapon and 1 slot for clothing. You can equip 4 skills in total.

Skill Tree

cryptofights skill tree

To unlock new skills for you character, you have to head over to the skill tree. The higher you level up your character, the more skills are accessable. Some skills can only be unlocked if you unlock other required skills before. There are 3 types of skills. Strength, dexterity and intelligence based skills.

Battle Portal

cryptofights battle portal

To battle other people, you have to pay an entry fee. There are different amounts of entry fees in exchange for higher or lower rewards in terms of loot drops and character xp.


cryptofights fight attack

CryptoFights battles are turn based. Each player has to choose his skill at his turn. Skills have some salt of luck. Whether a skill is used successfully or how much damage it does depends on a random dice roll.
But not everything ist based on luck in CryptoFights battles. Since there are not only damage dealing skills but also defensive skills, the game is pretty variable and players can show their battle mastery in the way they use their character skills.

Victory Reward

cryptofights victory reward

After winning a battle, you will receive loot drops. Those loot drops are based on your entry fee level. The higher the fee, the bigger the chance of a more rare loot drop.

Quest Stone

cryptofights quest stone

As most games, CryptoFights offers a quest system as well. The beta did not give a lot of information about the quest system yet. Most likely quests will earn you xp for your character and maybe also offer loot drops.

Hall of Memories

cryptofights hall of memories

In the hall of memories you can replay your previous battles and share them on social media.

Last words & personal opinion

We enjoyed the beta test and gameplay action of CryptoFight.

We could not find any bugs but had some issues with not 100% fluently gameplay animations. It didn’t feel smooth enough and is our only critic point that should be worked on until the game release.

Overall, CryptoFights has great potential to become one of the best blockchain games.

We look forward for the game release and will keep you updated with the latest CryptoFights news!

You can find more information about CryptoFights here:


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lucky8six Recent comment authors

Nice review. I participated the beta game too. I can’t wait for the full release version. And I anticipated anyone from anywhere of the world who has the mastery battle skills where the top rank will earn lot of money.